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Empowering, gentle and inspiring predictions and guidance with Angel Tarot Cards

I am offering a wide range of original profiles and classic Tarot and Lenormand predictions. I've been reading the future since teenage years, with cards, runes, coffee, tea, palm readings, dice, astrology, numerology, dream interpretation etc. a wide variety of divinatory instruments, with the help of my intuitive and clairvoyant gifts. I have studied the Tarot cards professionally for 15 years and I have been a professional astrologer for the same period. I have graduated the Faculty of Psychology and the University of Fine Arts. I am a psychologist and an artist. During the last years, as a result of an increase of my psychic gifts, the accuracy of many predictions and the passion for card symbolism and archetypes, I have become a professional Tarot and Lenormand reader as well. I am versed in the esoteric arts. My psychic gifts, knowledge and experience are at your service, with compassion, care and honesty. DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of esoteric readings, no refunds are accepted. Free minutes are for introduction/choice of method/questions/background only. The reading starts with the payment. Thank you for understanding.

Experience & Qualifications

Psychic, Clairvoyant, Remote viewer, Psychologist, Dream interpreter, Relationship and Life Coach, Astrologer, Diviner, Card Reader (specialty: Tarot and Lenormand) Extensive knowledge of divination arts and esoteric codes, myths, symbols, archetypes. More than 15 years experience with using various tools for counseling people, spiritual and practical advice. Seer, psychic, astrologer and advisor.


M.S. in Psychology, M.A. in Fine Arts

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